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Rare Botanical Major Ingredient in Natural Spider-Vein Formula

It's true. The small amount of natural lemon verbena oil in a leading spider vein and skin treatment costs as much as all the other ingredients combined. American Ayurvedic, only six miles distant from the advanced biomedical facilities of Harvard's famed graduate schools, has never changed its formula despite the fact that at over $1,600 a pound true verbena (lippia citriadora) is the third most expensive aromatic botanical, after only the costly oils of jasmine and rose. Because of this cost factor the formulas for many commercial skin treatment products have been altered to decrease or even eliminate verbena entirely, substituting synthetic products for the complex biological makeup of the natural plant oil. This will never be the case with Oil of Tara™.

At the conclusion of a wide-ranging consumer test involving over 2,500 men and women over a five-year period, it has been conclusively shown Dr. Prabha Sankaran's unique formula, which relies on specific healing attributes of this plant and others, is safe and acceptable for any use - long term or short term - and for any age user. Records kept from the beginning of this survey indicate that of over 4,000 ounces ordered during that period only three were returned. This extraordinary record of safe and satisfied use decisively substantiates the nearly universal healing properties of Dr. Shankaran's blend of natural moisturizing oils with gentle botanical healing agents.

Not Synthetic Verbena

The main reason for the extremely high cost of verbena essential oil is that the plant, first discovered in South America and a favorite in gardens and plantings, actually has very few oil cells in its fragrant lemon-scented leaves. With the substantial drop in use by cosmetic and other manufactures due to the cost of natural verbena, many sources simply stopped carrying it. American Ayurvedic, adhering to Dr. Shankaran's proven formula, obtains its 100% pure organic verbena oil from a single proven producer on the island of Corsica. For more information on Dr. Shankaran, Oil of Tara™, or the various ingredients used in this all-natural formulation click on the link below.

In The Press

Perfect Pins?

Read the article from the popular British newspaper The Sun that helped introduce Oil of Tara™ to the United Kingdom as well as the rest of Europe (note the reference to the term "pins" which is British slang for legs)

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